Using CodeToBuy Payment Systems

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After finishing form shopping simply go to paying (check out) page throw clicking on checkout button in the upper main toolbar.

You will have the choice to use one of the following paying methods:

  1. Yandex Money – Paying using bank card.
  2. PayPal – Paying using PayPal account.
  3. CoinPayment – Paying using cryptocurrencies.
  4. Wallet – Paying using the money in your wallet on codeToBuy.

In each option you need to add your Email, first and last name and agree to privacy policy. Then you will move to the paying page.

1. Yandex Money:

Yandex money is the method on CodeToBuy that gives you the option to use your bank cards or Yandex wallet as a paying method. The payment is going throw highly secured protocols and don on Yandex Money site. No credentials will be saved on our site or on Yandex site.

2. PayPal Payment System:

PayPal is the most popular paying method on CodeToBuy site. This method also highly secured as the paying going on PayPal server and not on CodeToBuy site, so no credentials will be saved neither on CodeToBuy site and nor on PayPal.

3. CoinPayment:

Using this system give you the ability to pay using cryptocurrencies. There are six coins that are supported by CoinPayment paying method are: BTC, BTC.LN, LTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, ETH, ZEC. This list might be increased or changed in future so please check them during the checkout.

4. Wallet Payment System:

The wallet represents the third paying system on CodeToBuy site. When your wallet is empty it will be invisible in the paying options. There are two ways to start using the wallet system, the first way is to withdraw money from your bank card or PayPal account to your wallet. The second way is to win money from using CodeToBuy affiliate system, where you can win up-to 50% of the useful flow coming from your affiliate links.

These money as default will be transformed to your wallet or will be available to withdraw them on your PayPal account. Further more using wallet as your paying method will give you additional general discount equal to 5% no mater what earlier discounts you have used.

To check out your wallet situation or to make a deposit, click on your name in the upper main window and from the dropdown list select My Wallet. You will realize that there are two main fields: Money in my wallet field and Make a deposit field.

After paying you will be redirected to downloads page where you can download all the items you already bought. You can also download your codes from purchase history in the dashboard page.

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