Using CodeToBuy Discount Coupons

by admin in How To on June 16, 2019

Checking out Discount That are Available for you

After registering or logging in, click on your name at the right upper corner of the main page then from the drop-down list select Dashboard.

In Dashboard page click on Discount, and you will see the discount codes that are available for you. The code has two parts the code itself – for example (15PERCENT) and the Discount value – for example (15%).

How to Use a Discount Coupon?

From the upper menu click on items then checkout.

In the checkout page you will see this “Have a discount code? Click to enter it”, click on the blue underlined sentence to open a new field where you can add your discount coupon, the discount will take its effect directly.

The final discount will appear like in the following picture:


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