Matlab in 30 Minutes for Beginners (MATLAB Course)

by admin in Matlab on May 12, 2019


In this course you are going to learn programming in Matlab in just 30 minutes in a express way education. I am adressing engineering students who are new to Matlab and want a quick but also profound introduction to Matlab in order to be able to code their own programs and routines and solve numerical problems.

You should know the basics of mathematics. Programming skills are not required. However, it would be an advantage if you would have coded in any programming language once in your life.

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  • basic knowledge in mathematics
  • basic experience in programming (optional)
  • a matlab installation

Starting from basic arithmetic and relational operators we will proceed with creating, manipulating and working with matrices and vectors. You will learn how to write your own functions and how to visualize data in plots.


  • performing arithmetic operations
  • working with matrices and vectors
  • writing functions
  • understanding of control structures and looping routines
  • visualizing data

Who this course is for:

  • For Beginners

Course Content:

1.0 Introduction to MATLAB
2.1 Arithmetic operators in MATLAB 1
2.2 Arithmetic operators in MATLAB 2
2.3 Relational operators in MATLAB 3
2.4 Basic functions in MATLAB
2.5 Variables in MATLAB 1
2.6 Variables in MATLAB 2
3.1 Basics for vectors and matrices in MATLAB 1
3.2 Basics for vectors and matrices in MATLAB 2
3.3 Creating vectors in MATLAB
3.4 Creating matrices in MATLAB
3.5 Indexing of vectors and matrices in MATLAB
3.6 Useful functions for vectors and matrices in MATLAB
3.7 Arithmetics for matrices in MATLAB
3.8 Relational operators for matrices in MATLAB
3.9 Element-wise operations in MATLAB
3.10 Solving linear systems in MATLAB
4.1 Writing functions in MATLAB 1
4.2 Using for loops in MATLAB
4.3 Using while loops in MATLAB
4.4 Writing functions in MATLAB 2
5.1 Plotting data in MATLAB 1
5.2 Plotting data in MATLAB 2
5.3 Plotting data in 3D in MATLAB

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