How to Install MATLAB App From a .mlappinstall File

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Using MATLAB App Installer

Using Syntax


appinfo = matlab.apputil.install(appfile)


appinfo = matlab.apputil.install(appfile) installs the specified app file and returns information about the app.

Examples: Install App and Display Information About the Installation

Assume you have downloaded an app from File Exchange named EmployeeData. Install it and return information about the installation to the variable appinfo. Later, if you decide to deinstall the app programmatically, you have the app id required to do so.

appinfo = matlab.apputil.install...
appinfo = 

          id: 'EmployeeDataApp'
        name: 'EmployeeData'
      status: 'installed'
    location: 'C:\myguis\myapps\EmployeeData.mlappinstall'

Input Arguments

appfile — Full or partial path to .mlappinstall file character vector | string scalar

Full or partial path of the app file you want to install, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Example: 'C:\myguis\myapps\myapp.mlappinstall'

Example: "C:\myguis\myapps\myapp.mlappinstall"

Output Arguments

appinfo — Information about installed app structure

Information about the installed app, returned as a structure with the fields:

status — Installation status'installed' | 'updated'

Installation status, returned as one of the following:

  • 'installed' — New app is installed.
  • 'updated' — Previously installed app is updated.

id — Unique identifier character vector

Unique identifier for the installed app, returned as a character vector.

The ID is for use when running or uninstalling the app programmatically.

location — Folder where app is installed character vector

Folder where app is installed, returned as a character vector.

name — Name of installed app character vector

Name of installed app as it appears in the apps gallery, returned as a character vector.

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