Here on CodeToBuy.Com we provide Codes for All MATLAB products like (Scripts “.m files”, Simulinks, Graphical User Interface GUI, and Apps), besides accepting freelancing orders to do specific coding jobs.

Yes You can by two ways. either to contact and send us your codes with term of use license and their descriptions and we in our turn publish them on the site and give you monthly reports about payments, or wait until we add Vendor platform for our subscribers. You can subscribe in our newsletter to get the last updates and discount coupons.

Yes you can. But we recommend to subscribe and have an account so you can easily get back to the codes you bought (purchase history). Note that the links we provide you in Emails after completing your purchase are valid for 72 hour, so you cant get the codes you bought after that time if you don’t  have an account. Further more, having an account and subscribing in our newsletter will give you the benefits of discount coupons and other viral updates on this site.

Yes, all the information you provide us during registering and purchasing on our site are secret and kept on safe. We do NOT share any information with any third parties about our customers and their activities on CodeToBuy. 

100% yes. Your payments go throw secured https connections, beside we do not save any informations related to your cards and credentials. Your payments will be done on the server of the service provider like Paypal so the security of your credentials are very high. The Payments do not happen on our site, so feel comfortable to buy on our site with your cards and Paypal accounts.

Two type of discounts are available, the first one is the main you can find it in your Dashboard under Discount tap, it’s about 10% – 25%, you can apply it just once on any amount of items you buy. The second on is applied only by selecting the Wallet as a paying system, in this type you will get a 5% discount on the subtotal. 

Chick this Post for More Information About Discount Coupons.

You will have the choice to use one of the following paying methods:

  1. Yandex Money – Paying using bank card.
  2. PayPal – Paying using PayPal account.
  3. CoinPayment – Paying using cryptocurrencies.
  4. Wallet – Paying using the money in your wallet on codeToBuy.

In each option you need to add your Email, first and last name and agree to privacy policy. Then you will move to the paying page.

Check this post for more information about using payment systems.

By your registering in CodeToBuy site your name should be automatically added to to the affiliate program, if it didn’t you can join the affiliate program by clicking on the “Affiliate Program” in the top menu or “Affiliate” in the footer. By joining the affiliate program you declare that you are agreeing on the CodeToBuy privacy Policy so please read it carefully. CodeToBuy affiliate program gives you 49.99% on each useful payer comes throw your referral links. Note that your referral commission is calculated after cutting the coupons and special offers from the original value, for example: your commission = 49.99% * (original code value – Discount Coupon – Special Discounts) = 0.4999 *( 30 $ – 0.15 * 30 $ – 0.05 * 30 $) = 11.99 $.

The usual place where your affiliate commission will be placed is your Wallet on CodetoBuy, where you can buy any code at any time with the right amount. If you want to withdraw your affiliate commission to PayPal, then CodeToBuy also gives you this choice, but note that the amount of money you will get in your PayPal account is not exactly equal the amount in your CodeToBuy account as there is a PayPal commissions will be applied on the transaction (NO COMMISSIONS WILL BE TAKEN FROM CODETOBUY SITE ON THIS TRANSACTION), for more about PayPal commissions please visit PayPal site and check the commissions applied on personal transactions.