Telegram Bots – Send Messages and Plots from Matlab to a Secure Telegram Channel

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Concept of Telegram Bots

A bot is a Telegram entity which can send messages to a channel and manage them. Tools like herald use the Telegram Bot API to interact with channels through bots.

Creating a Custom Bot

Create a custom bot by starting a conversation with [@BotFather]( and provide the bot’s API token as described above.


Make sure the `heraldCore.m` file and the `private` folder are in the current workspace or have been added to PATH. It is recommended to use a wrapper around the `heraldCore()` function (see below).

On the system side, ‘cURL’ needs to installed. This is included in linux, macOS and Windows 10. If cURL is not available, please [install from this site]( For Windows, the [Chocolatey method]( is recommended.

Herald works with Matlab R2007a and newer. Older versions may work but have not yet been tested.


The following documentation assumes you created a wrapper named `herald.m`.

Sending a Message or a Plot

* `herald(text)` sends the message _text_ to the channel.
* `herald(figHandle)` sends the figure with handle _figHandle_ as a PNG directly to the channel.
* `msg = herald(...)` returns information about the message or picture sent in the struct _msg_.

Deleting a Message

* `herald([], msg)` will delete the message _msg_. This can be text or a picture.

Updating a Message

* `herald(text, msg)` updates the message _msg_ with the new content _text_.

Note: updating an image is currently not supported. Consider deleting the picture and sending a new one.

Notes on Using Herald

How to Obtain a ChatId (Using Direct Chat)

After starting a conversation with your custom bot, forward a message inside that conversation to [@get_id_bot]( and the `chatId` will be returned to you.

How to Obtain a ChatId (Using Channels)

The `chatId` is obtained from forwarding a random message inside the dedicated channel to [@get_id_bot]( This channel should have your custom bot as an administrator in order to function.

Note About Wrappers

It is recommended to build a wrapper around `heraldCore()` similar to the included `heraldWrapper()`. The wrapper will forward all requests “as is” to the core herald function along with the chat id (see above).

If you choose to not use a wrapper and instead interact with the `heraldCore()` function directly, two additional arguments must be provided as such: `heraldCore(botToken, chatId, …)`. Detailed instructions can be obtained by running `help heraldCore` in Matlab.

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