Multi-Purposes Interactive User Interface Numerical Solver

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Graphical User Interface Numerical Solver that includes solving linear and nonlinear equations, solving system of linear equations, and curve fitting. The included method are the following:

Roots Finding (5 Methods):

  • Bisection Method
  • False-Position Method
  • Simple Fixed Point Method
  • Newton-Raphson Method (Multivariable included)
  • Secant Method (Multivariable included)

Linear System Solver (7 Methods):

  • Gauss Elimination Method
  • Gauss Jordan Method
  • LU Dolittle Decomposition Method
  • LU Crout Decomposition Method
  • Gauss Seidel Method
  • Jacobi Iterative Method
  • Over-Relaxation Method

Curve Fitting:

  • Linear and Nonlinear Regression Method

GUI Features :

-> can specify number of decimals.
-> can specify initial values.
-> can specify number of decimal certainty as a termination condition.
-> include more than one termination conditions that user can specify.
-> shows steps of solution and table for iterative process.
-> and much more.



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