Models a Hydraulic Lift Table with one Electrohydraulic Actuator

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Lift table with hydraulic actuation, controlled by an analog circuit, with a 3-D scissor mechanism. This file contains a hydraulic lift table using Simscape. Models of physical components, such as valves, hydraulic cylinders, motors, and analog circuits, are assembled from Simscape Foundation Library components. Alternate component models using blocks from the Simscape add-on libraries are included to show additional parameterization options and physical effects available in those libraries. A Simscape Multibody model of the scissor mechanism in the lift table is also included, which automatically produces a 3-D animation of the lift.

Models a hydraulic lift table with one electrohydraulic actuator.
A control system, implemented as an analog circuit tracks a reference extension length for the actuator, which raises and lowers the table.  The controller commands the voltage to a servomotor which moves the spool in a hydraulic valve to adjust the flow into and out of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Run >>startup_Backhoe to get started.

There are many variants within this model that demonstrate how to use standard components from the Simscape add-on products and create custom components by combining Simscape foundation libraries.  A demonstration script goes through additional steps in a Model-Based. Design workflows, such as parameter sweeps and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

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