Density Altitude Calculator

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DENSITYALT code is valid for the entire standard atmosphere up through the mesopause (86 km height). It assumes that all that is known is air density. If other combinations of pressure, temperature, and/or density are known, there exist more straightforward methods for calculating density altitude.

This Code finds altitudes in the standard atmosphere that correspond to the provided array of air densities. You can use the code in the following methods:

H = DENSITYALT(RHO) returns altitude, h, as a function of air density, rho.

The input RHO can be followed by parameter/value pairs for further control of DENSITYALT. Possible parameters are:

  • inputUnits – String for units of input RHO, either kg/m³ or slug/ft³.
  • outputUnits – String for units of output H, either meters or feet.
  • atmosphereFunc – String determining atmosphere function to be used.
  • atmosphereArgs – Cell array of additional arguments to pass to atmosphereFunction after the density input (e.g. for non-standard atmospheres).
  • method – Method used for either searching for or interpolating a solution (the equations that define the standard atmosphere cannot be inverted in terms of density). Search: [fzero | bisection] (fzero only for scalar case) Interpolate: any method accepted by interp1. Default method is ‘pchip’ for interpolation.
  • options – Options used for fzero or bisection methods.
  • hMin – For search: lower search interval bound in meters.  For interpolation: start of generated interpolation grid. Default hMin = 0.
  • hMax – For search: upper search interval bound in meters.  For interpolation: end of generated interpolation grid. Default hMax = 86000.
  • spacing – Spacing of of interpolation grid in meters.  Default spacing = 50.

If the input RHO is a DimVar, inputUnits and outputUnits will be ignored and the output will be a DimVar.


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