Complete 1976 Standard Atmosphere Model

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This is a complete model of the 1976 US standard atmosphere model with valid data between sea level and 1000 km. This set of functions returns Temperature, Pressure, Density, Speed of Sound, Gravity, Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity, Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity, Gas Number Density at desired altitudes. Ability to convert to English Units as desired.

Values DO differ by less than 1% due to different integration technique and should be closer to the actual values of the integrals described in the 1976 U.S. Standard Atmosphere

Description of the files that you will download after the checkout:

  • atmo.m-main program
  • atmo_compo.m-Gas composition for upper atmosphere program
  • atmo_p.m-Pressure Computation Program
  • atmo_temp.m-Temperature Computation Prgram
  • f_n.m-Gas Composition Integral Program
  • int_tau.m-Tau integral for Hydrogen
  • tester.m-Runs atmo.m-Code for complete atmosphere and does plots for each of the variables

Charts that show after code executing:

Figure 1 Temperature[K] with Altitude[km]

Figure 2 Pressure[Pa] with Altitude[km]

Figure 3 Density[kg/m^3] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 4 Speed of Sound[m/s] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 5 Gravity Acceleration[m^2/s] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 6 Dynamic Viscosity[] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 7 Kinematic Viscosity[] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 8 Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity[] with Altitude[Km]

Figure 9 Gas Number Density at Desired Altitudes

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