uFVM is an academic CFD tool made for learning purposes. The main outcome of that is learning how to code the finite volume method. plenty of tutorials are available within the file that the user can easily follow and track. CFD cases can be prepared exactly as OpenFOAM files and simulated. The code aims at highlighting the basics of CFD, but not simulating complex cases. It provides a package of libraries and algorithms that the user can comfortably follow up. The code includes a toy post processing package for the visualization of the results. Refer to the quick guide provided in the files for more information on how to use the code.

Handling, distributing or modifying is fully permissible; the user has the full permission to add any piece of code or modify an existing one. The code is developed in the computational mechanics lab at the American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon. The development has started in 2003 and was built and updated gradually through years. The team has decided to share this code (Actually a limited edition but nevertheless very interesting one) with the community. Lots of versions were made each of them had a different structure but necessarily the same theoretical background. The major contributor to the code is Professor Marwan Darwish, a CFD professor at AUB, and Mhamad Mahdi Alloush, a PhD candidate at AUB as well. The other contributors to the code are Master and PhD students who accomplished their theses and dissertations from the computational mechanics lab at the American University of Beirut.

Some of the results for Elbow example:

Figure 1. Elbow example – Residuals Convergence

Figure 2. Elbow example – Presenting Mesh

Figure 3. Elbow example – Post-Processing Window

Figure 4. compressible air flow over a bump example – Residuals convergence

Figure 5. compressible air flow over a bump example – Mesh

Figure 6. compressible air flow over a bump example – Post-Processing Window


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