Aircraft Power Network in Simscape Electrical with AC and DC networks

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This file contains a model of an aircraft power network built-in Simscape Power Systems. It contains a half-aircraft network consisting of one generator, an AC network, a Transformer Rectifier Unit connecting to a DC network. The model can be used to determine power requirements, analyze system interactions, and perform harmonic analysis. Running the model in phasor mode enables entire flight cycles to be tested. Models and MATLAB code show how to refine system requirements, estimate parameters based on measured data, distribute simulations using parallel computing and automatically generating reports.

Aircraft Power Network Model Components:

  1. Generator
    – Integrated Drive
    – VSCF Cycloconverter
    – VSCF DC Link
  2. AC Loads
    – Detailed
    – Abstract
  3. DC Loads
    – Detailed
    – Abstract
    – Multidomain

Read the README.txt File to Get Started:

  1. Run “startup_power_aircraft.m” to use these examples.
    It will build the custom battery library if necessary.
  2. Double-click on the “Script” subsystem within the model to
    open a list of hyperlinks to other submodels.
  3. Double-click on the “Initial”, “Discrete”, and “Tuned” subsystems
    to reconfigure the model for different tests.



[1] Miller, Steve (2018), Aircraft Power Network in Simscape Power Systems

[2] See how to use simulation to design aircraft power networks:

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