Visualization Trajectory And Attitude Using Airplanes

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This function plot in the same figure the center trajectory and attitude of an aircraft. Three versions available for this function. The function has the following form:


  • x,y,z – center trajectory (vector) [m]
  • pitch,roll,yaw – euler’s angles [rad]
  • scale_factor – normalization factor [scalar] (related to body aircraft dimension)
  • step – attitude sampling factor [scalar] (the points number between two body models)
  • selector – select the body model [string]
    – gripen JAS 39 Gripen heli Helicopter.
    – mig Mig ah64 Apache helicopter.
    – tomcat Tomcat(Default) a10.
    – jet Generic jet cessna Cessna.
    – 747 Boeing 747 biplane Generic biplane.
    – md90 MD90 jet shuttle Space shuttle.
    – dc10 DC-10 jet.
  •  View – sets the camera view. Use Matlab’s ‘view’ as argument to reuse the current view.

Note that Refernce System:

  • X body- The axial force along the X body axis is positive along forward; the momentum around X body is positive roll clockwise as viewed from behind;
  • Y body- The side force along the Y body axis is positive along the right wing; the moment around Y body is positive in pitch up;
  • Z body- The normal force along the Z body axis is positive down; the moment around Z body is positive roll clockwise as viewed from above.


Version 1.0:

In this version there is only the stilized aircraft in figure.

Version 2.0:

Version 2.0, extend the functionality of version 1. In this version there are much more body models [for example the Tomcat, Space Shuttle body model, MIG, Boeing 747, AH 64, DC 10, A 10, Helicopter, MD 90 and other planes, Generic jet body model].


Version 3.0:

Version 3.0, extend the functionality of version 2, With fixed Reference System bugs, and possibility to export the trajectory animation in avi format (Based on idea of my friend Ola Harkegarde) and finally, added the gripen body model.

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