Data Analysis and Visualization ( MATLAB, Excel, Mathematica)

by admin in Matlab on May 12, 2019

Data Analysis and Visualization is a Rich-full series Directed to all students interested in Analyzing and Visualizing Data using Excel, MATLAB and Wolfram Mathematica. This Course has been made by an expert prophesiers in University of Western Australia, and Contains the main listed down Topics.

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Course Content:

1 Data Visualization in Excel
2 Array Formula in Excel
3 2D Array Formula in Excel
4 Excel Macros
5 Why Matlab
6 Problem Solving in MATLAB
7 MATLAB Orientation – Data Types and Expressions
8 MATLAB Scripts and Functions, Storing Instructions in Files, Getting Help on Build-in Functions
9 Matrices in MATLAB
10 MATLAB Scripts and Functions
11 Random Numbers, Gaussian Random Numbers, Complex Numbers
12 An Examples of Script and Function Files
13 Control Flow, Flow Chart, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Truth Table, if clause, elseif, Nested if statments, Switch Structure,
14 MATLAB Loops, Nested Loops, Repetition, while, For,
15 Problems with Scripts, Workspace, Why Functions, How to Write a MATLAB Function, Anonymous Functions,
16 MATLAB Programs Input / Output, Escape Characters, Formatted Output, Syntax of Conversion Sequence,
17 Defensive Programming, error, warning, msg, isnumeric, ischar, nargin, nargout, nargchk, narginchk, all,
18 Cell Arrays, Array Types to Store data, Normal Arrays, Curly Brackets, Round Brackets,
19 MATLAB Structures, What is a Structure?, Adding a Field to a Structure, Struct Function, Manipulate the Fields, Preallocate Memory for a Structure Array
20 Basic 2D Plotting, title, xlabel, ylabel, grid, plot
21 Multiple Plots, figure, hold on, off, legend Function, String, Axis Scaling, Subplot,
22 Types of 2D Plots, Polar Plot, Logarithmic Plot, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Histograms, X-Y Graphs with 2 y Axes, Function Plots,
23 3D Plot, Line Plot, Surface Plot, Contour plots, Cylinder Plots, mesh, surf, contour, meshgrid,
24 Parametric Surfaces, Earth, Triangular Prism, Generating Points, Default Shading, Shading Flat, Shading Interp,
25 Arrays vs. Matrix Operations,
26 Dot Products, Example Calculating Center of Mass, Center of Gravity,
27 Matrix Multiplication and Division, Matrix Powers, Matrix Inverse, Determinatnts, Cross Products,
28 Applications of Matrix Operations, Solving Linear Equations, Linear Transformations, Eigenvectors
29 Engineering Application of Solving Systems of Linear Equations, Systems of Linear Equations, Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws,
30 Symbolic Differentiation, sym, syms, diff
31 Numerical Differentiation, fplot, Forward Difference, Backward Difference, Central Difference,
32 Numerical Integration, Engineering Applications, Integration, Trapezoid Rule, Simpson’s Rule,
33 Monte Carlo Integration,
34 Introduction to ODE in System Biology
35 Introduction to System Biology, Gene Circuits,
36 Solving ODEs in Matlab, Repressilator, Programming steps
37 Interpolation, Cubic Spline Interpolation, Nearest Neighbor, Cubic, Two Dimensional, Three Dimensional,
38 Curve Fitting, Empirical Modelling, Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, polyfit, polyval, Least Squres,
39 Introduction to Mathematica,
40 Programming in Mathematica
41 Basic Function in Mathematica, Strings, Characters, Polynomials, Solving Equations, Trigonometry, Calculus, 2D Ploting, Interactive Plots, Functions, Matlab vs. MAthematica
42 Numerical Data, Arthematic Operators, Data Types, Lists, Vectors, Matrices, String, Characters,
43 Mathematica Rule Based Programming, Functional Programming,
44 MAthematica Procedural Programming, Procedural Programs, Conditionals and Compositions, Looping Constructs, Errors, Modules,
45 Mathematica Predicates in Rule Based Programming, Patterns and Rules, Rules and Lists, Predicates, Blank, Blanksequence, BlackNullSequence, Number Puzzle,
46 Symbolic Mathematics and Programming, Rule Based Computation, Simplify, Expand, Solve, NSolve, Symbolic Visualisation,
47 Symbolic Computing in Matlab, Symbolic Algebra, sym, syms, Equations, Expressions, Systems of Equations, Calculus,


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